Speakeasy Coaching can tailor Communications training for senior managers and customer facing employees.

Companies know the benefit of confident staff who can pitch for business and speak on behalf of an organisation in a way that’ll make an impact. In large organisations, coaching can be rolled out for different teams and managers either on a 1-2-1 or group basis.

SpeakEasy can help to:

  • Provide an additional resource for Personal Development Plan
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Increase confidence, delivery and timing for presentations and pitches
  • Incentivise and develop top performers
  • Structure engaging content that will win business
  • Build succession plans for training and development
  • Improve manager’s communication and confidence skills
  • Provide Public Speaking training
  • Provide Creative Writing or Stand-up Comedy fun sessions as staff rewards
  • Improve Team cohesiveness

Groups sizes are capped at 20. If you would like a call to discuss your company’s training BOOK A CALL and we’ll be in touch.

Executive Coaching is for you if

  • You need to be an authority in your field
  • You have a team that would benefit from training
  • You are an industry expert who needs to set the status quo
  • You’re a leader in your organisation
  • You manage a team or department and need to communicate clearly
  • You need to know how to handle a question and answer session
  • You need to provide immediate messages under pressure both within and outside of your organisation
  • You need to engage and motivate your team and win more business
  • You’re pitching for business in a competitive area
  • You’re an entrepreneur who needs to communicate with all departments in your business
  • You want to hone your skills as a keynote speaker
  • You have an Ofsted or 360 evaluation planned

Find Your Voice Coaching is for you if

  • You want to lose your fear of Public Speaking
  • You want to present yourself confidently at Networking events
  • You want to push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • You want to learn new techniques to engage and hold your audience
  • You want to find inspiration and an idea for your talk
  • You want to  find a path to improve your public speaking through practice and accountability