Lock down has been an unsettling time with changes that have had a huge impact on all employees and their families. There’s likely to be a lot of anxiety about coming back to work. Most won’t have been in a group situation for quite some time. These fun workshops, facilitated by an experienced comedian of 20 years, aim to reduce those back-to work anxieties by encouraging employees to share, connect and laugh again through the medium of comedy and creative writing. This virus has been a definite leveller and it would be great to encourage staff at all levels to embrace supporting and working together more effectively to achieve individual, team and company goals.

How it works

Choose which programme best suits your budget and schedule. Choose dates to suit and call to discuss and book.

There are four programme options:

  1. 2-hour sessions, once a week for 4 weeks. £995
  2. 2 x half-day session £850
  3. 2 x full days £1,995
  4. 1 x half day session £495

Call Louise at Brighton Comedy Course on 07533440506