Good Communicators know how to Inspire, Persuade and Engage.

Do you want to see higher conversion rates on new business meetings, sales calls or pitches? Are your employees confident communicators who know how to get their message across to reach their objectives? Whether they’re presenting ideas to their team, delivering a keynote speech, raising brand awareness or pitching to an executive board, all businesses benefit from having employees who can present and speak confidently.

We frequently work with managers and HR departments to create Personal Development Plans for employees. We understand the importance of delivering an effective training package to fit company budgets to achieve and fulfil company objectives. We can devise workshops for mixed groups, from team members and team leaders to middle and senior management. We have the content and experience to support development plans for teams and individuals at all levels.

Our most popular training course is the 6 week course though there are one day course options too.

Speakeasy has a range of flexible options to ensure that any disruption to productivity is at a minimum. For 1-2-1 coaching there’s weekend, lunchtime and after work options as well as virtual coaching. Team days can be outside normal office hours too if your team is happy with the arrangement.

Training sessions can be tailored to incorporate key objectives of your organisation. The sessions are a lot of fun as well as invaluable tool for individual development. Team building and employee development are key to increasing motivation and loyalty, resulting in happier employees and a greater retention rate. Saving the cost of recruitment which is around 30k per recruit.

Unlike other companies, Speakeasy has the additional follow up options, like half day surgeries or 1-2-1 catch ups, to enhance and compound the learning so that people thoroughly apply their new learning into their daily practice.

We have Group options or One to One. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Corporate Speaking Training 1Case Study

Jim Cunliffe from the Facemedia Group found his teams sales calls were converting less than 25% in leads. After our three-day training package, all members of the team reported increased confidence (up to 70%.)

As a result, the team were more comfortable and confident in making calls and closing, and in handling customer objections and complaints. Jim measured the results over six months and found a 40% increase in sales, and “A noticeably happier team.”

Previous Clients include:

Corporate Speaking Training 2

Professional Development: Corporate Speaking Training 3

  • Public Speaking Essentials
  • Business Storytelling
  • TED Talk Style Speaking
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Sales and Customer Service

Fun Team workshops

  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Creative Writing

Contact us to discuss your needs, budgets and dates.