Good Communicators know how to inspire, entertain and engage their audience.

All businesses benefit from confident employees who can present and make an impact. Whether your team is pitching to an executive board, delivering a keynote speech or presenting ideas in a meeting, they can discover how to grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Training sessions can be tailored to incorporate key objectives of the organisation. The sessions are a lot of fun as well as invaluable for individual development. Training can be on a half day, full day or three day basis. Training Sessions available:

Professional Development:

  • Public Speaking Essentials
  • Business Storytelling
  • TED Talk Style Speaking
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Sales and Customer Service

Fun Team workshops

  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Creative Writing

Here’s a brief description of each training session to help you make your choice.

Public Speaking Essentials

If you present and pitch for business, this training session will help produce engaging, concise and interesting content using writing exercises. We will look at structure, timing, delivery, audience engagement, breathing and mindset.

Business Storytelling

Researchers have discovered that our brains are more active when we hear stories. The power of storytelling to influence and connect with audiences are well documented. It is listed as one of the Public Speaking Secrets in Talk like TED and commonly used in the most popular TED talks. Bring your company’s story to life and enliven your audience in a refreshing, innovative way.

In this workshop we will look at how we use stories to connect not just in our relationships but with our clients, peers and managers. We will explore the art of storytelling and also look at:

  • What makes a confident communicator
  • How to create engaging content
  • How to enhance our confidence
  • How to switch our Mindset

There will also be practical tips on how to be a better Public Speaker so that all future communications can be more impactful and authentic.

TED Talk Style Speaking

Ted Talks is a world famous conference that happens all over the world and that posts its best  presentations on the internet. The worlds best communicators deliver jaw-dropping presentations. There is so much to be learned, and on this session we will look at why TED talks have revolutionised Public Speaking and tap into the secrets of the most popular speakers.

Create Engaging Content

Struggle to write content? Or have lots of content but not sure it hits its mark with your audience?  In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever before, it is crucial to engage your audience and get your message heard. No matter what business you’re in your talk has to educate, entertain and grab your audience. In this workshop there are plenty of writing exercises and key tips on how to produce content that makes people sit up and listen. Learn how to influence, motivate and persuade your audience to share your message and achieve your objectives.

Sales and Customer Service

Whether you’re a new starter looking to take part in basic sales training, or an experienced professional looking for sales leadership training, our training courses can help with development at all levels. We can help you lead your team to success and smash KPIs, we can revolutionise your pitches and presentations and inject passion in your product or service that builds momentum and sales with new and existing customers.

Stand-Up Comedy

The stand up comedy workshop not only enhances confidence, delivery and timing, it also brings a lot of laughs. A comedian with twenty years’ experience will use exercises to get the creative juices going and you’ll have a go at writing your own comedy material.  We’ll look at techniques from the world of comedy and see how we can incorporate them into our delivery. You’ll never fear Presentations and Public Speaking again, you may even start to enjoy it!

Creative Writing

We will look at the basics of character, plot and dialogue in this fun training session. You’ll discover how to produce a character, bring them to life and make them memorable. You’ll also look at how to plot fiction looking at methods of planning, mind maps, story boards, and chapter breakdowns. There will be a number of writing exercises where you will have the opportunity to experiment with character and plot in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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