Connect with likeminded folk and learn everything you need to know about being an authentic and powerful speaker on this four week course.

If you Present and Pitch for business, this course will help you produce engaging, concise and interesting content and deliver it with confidence and style.

Whether you’re pitching for business, or delivering a keynote speech or presentation, you will learn the methods and techniques to enhance your confidence, have your message heard and make a difference in the way you present and pitch forever. This course is invaluable whatever stage of Public Speaking you’re at.

The ultimate benefit of this course is the time frame and structure. Having the coaching sessions spread out over the four-week duration maximises the learning opportunities and allows you to produce plenty of engaging content. There’s also the added benefit of homework tasks, giving more time to hone newfound techniques and put theory into practice.

With the expert tuition, the practical takeaways, and the designated time to practice, you will see a real impact on your Public Speaking abilities. Another advantage of this course is the camaraderie and support from both the tutor and your team. On the final week we will go out with a bang, with an event to showcase your newfound skills.

Each week we will concentrate on a different aspect of Public Speaking. We will then deliver our content integrating the delivery and timing techniques that we’ve learnt. Everyone will have an opportunity to deliver and receive personalised feedback. The first half of the sessions will be theory based with writing exercises to help produce content. The second half will be dedicated to delivering and improving our content.

The course will cover:

  • How to be more confident in Presenting
  • How to be clear in your objectives to achieve and exceed your goals
  • How to craft interesting and engaging content that packs a punch.
  • Expert tips on how to overcome fear of Public Speaking and become more comfortable when Presenting to a group of people.
  • How to inspire your audience to fulfil your aims
  • How to stand out from the crowd by injecting humour that engages your audience in a professional way
  • What makes an effective TED talk?
  • Techniques to improve your Public Speaking skills
  • How to structure and frame your talk to manage audience attention spans
  • Writing exercises to develop content with key messages.
  • How to edit content to make maximum impact
  • Tap into positive body language that will enhance all future speaking experiences.
  • How to prepare and deliver presentations successfully
  • How to engage, influence and persuade an audience

All courses are booked on a first come first served basis with a maximum of 15 places.

  • Book your place on: The Public Speaking 4 Week Course
  • Date: Thursday 5th August 2021
  • Time: 7-9pm (4 Thursdays)

     Tickets  £249 

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